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Latest Airsoft Venue Review:

A relative large site with mixed terrain, most of the staff are friendly bar one. Whilst on holiday in Cornwall this summer for a few weeks, I was recommended to this site. Games are rather short and varied, this is my second visit to their site. Some players blatantly do not take their hits and must win at all costs. There are no toilets, no running water and no electricity for battery charging so take that into consideration before you go. Whilst there, I noticed that a few people have arrived in trainers and were allowed to play on the site, which personally I believe is a serious health and safety issue with regards to ankle injuries and believe me, I've seen a few. Guns are crono'd at random and they take your word when you tell them that you are using 0.2g bb's, my gun was crono'd at 300FPS using 0.25g and they said, yes that's fine, it means that 0.2g bb's will be the same FPS. Really??? Hot food is served on site, not great but edible.
M4-Maniac about Cornwall Elite Airsoft [View on Map]
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