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The Airbana Map contains the very latest information about Airsoft Skirmish and Retail sites around the world as well as event listings, live weather reports, live pricing information and more. If something is missing then you can add it, if something is wrong you can change it, this resource is what we as a community make of it.

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Latest Airsoft Venue Review:

This site maybe small, but there's so much action action ACTION backed here! The sites facilities are amazing and well kept and even have a card reader incase your cash is low! Dinners: Great. Battlefield: Amazing and atmosphere: Ehhhh - I'll explain: People here are friendly enough and are fair players BUT out of the two Marshals, ONE likes to get aggressive with players when he gets shot for what ever reason. Here's a tip for him: WEAR HIGH VIS! I don't care how "bored" you are of getting shot, when you walk about in your black shirt and camo trousers, you look like an enemy player when viewed by a player of any experience level with the fog of war and adrenaline pumping through their blood. So don't get shouty and keep a level hear or quit. The atmosphere soured and people began to leave incase one of their many bbs hit this guy. Hell, I even left! I hit him a few times but not on purpose! Marshals expect to get hit even with high vis, plenty I know say this. So, all-in-all, great site, but be careful of this guy.
Eobard about Black Ops Portishead [View on Map]
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