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The Airbana Map contains the very latest information about Airsoft Skirmish and Retail sites around the world as well as event listings, live weather reports, live pricing information and more. If something is missing then you can add it, if something is wrong you can change it, this resource is what we as a community make of it.

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Latest Airsoft Venue Review:

I am a little biases as this is the only site I've attended, pretty new to Airsoft, but I'll be honest as I can. This site is pretty much what you'd expect from a woodland site, the facilities are very basic. Everything is a little past it use by date. There are toilets on site but unless the paint ball group are on site there are no lights (needs generator) While it's basic, it's dry so if it rains your gear won't get wet while you out gaming. As for the game arena, it's very good, good mix of hills and open spaces. Fairly big area too. Will I make it my home and become a member? Possibly, even though membership to Bravo22 and UKARA costs £30. The staff and members are very friendly, I have been made most welcome. If you're a first time player it's a good site to start.
Boda about Bravo 2-2 Airsoft [View on Map]
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