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The Airbana Map contains the very latest information about Airsoft Skirmish and Retail sites around the world as well as event listings, live weather reports, live pricing information and more. If something is missing then you can add it, if something is wrong you can change it, this resource is what we as a community make of it.

All information in the database has been submitted by members of the Airsoft Community with more information added every day. You can access the Airbana information through this website, the mobile Airsoft Map, the Airsoft Map Facebook application, the Airbana API and UK users can use the Airbana SMS shortcode; 83010 and all this information can be sent to your mobile phone for free!

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Latest Airsoft Venue Review:

Poor Scenarios were very basic, take & hold (ok we took it now what?), take hostage & hold (no marshall kept score, no-one appeared interested), no creativity to scenarios. There was no team balancing in effect, marshals wandered around looking bored and had little idea of what was going on. Witnessed numerous dangerous behaviour from younger players, shooting each other point blank etc, marshalls nowhere to be seen, felt like we paid our money ,then was just abandoned in the woods with kids waving rifles in each others faces. Overpriced site shop £4 per pyro, no bulk discounts, no team discounts. Final straw was the last of three scenarios 'Mexican standoff' lets stand in a line and throw pyro at each other, great.... the cynic in me believes this is just a little money raiser for the site shop, you decide. This site will suit the younger airsofter but may well not be safe for them in my honest opinion. Site management had little interest in feedback and did not reply to my email listing all of the above despite the time and care I took to write it in a constructive manner, my team and I will vote with our feet and not return, shame as it is a great site, very well constructed villages etc, run badly.
Barry about Apocalypse Airsoft [View on Map]
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