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Latest Airsoft Venue Review:

I'm new to airsoft, past 6 months or so, and started at this site. I'm now a member and have not yet attended anywhere else so this review may be a little biased, but I'll try to stick to the facts. Terrain is true woodland, hills a large ravine etc, and i think several acres? Muddy underfoot unless its a very dry day. TBH its pretty hardcore but who doesnt want that? Great friendly staff, marshalls know their stuff and are fair, plenty of regulars on site who are quite willing to chat about the hobby, and help newbie's if they can. There is an on-site shop run by Paul, very honest bloke, and always has some goodies on offer. I've seen past reviews mentioning the facilities on-site so I'll address them as they need to be updated. There is now an on-site toilet, its the caravanning type with a privacy cover, not much but its there. And food is now regularly available, usually hot dogs burgers, coke tea coffee etc. All pyros are allowed, and are sold on site. As a plus if you take all your own gear, bb's etc, i think its one of the cheapest shoots going! Give it a try :)
ben about (BA) BLACKDAGGER AIRSOFT. [View on Map]
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