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Latest Airsoft Venue Review:

I've got a fair bit to say for this review. First of all, the terrain is great if you love woodland; plenty of trees, bushes and so on for cover, quite a few hills to navigate (which can be quite exhausting after a bit), a ravine which practically runs along the entire length of the site (really good for setting up strategic positions and so) and overall the site is fairly large. The only thing is that it can be quite exhausting, and during the wetter/colder seasons the terrain tends to get muddy so be prepared to bring along some good boots. Next off, both the staff and the regular players are friendly and very helpful to boot. I've always felt welcome here and whenever I've had trouble with my kit, I've always had someone offering me a hand or advice so quick shoutout to people for that. There's also quite a few kids who come here and they're decent players like any other, always taking their hits and playing fairly. Third, the games are organised and run pretty well - quite a few of the staff are ex-servicemen and so are some of the players so there's plenty of common sense applied in games and when a game doesn't exactly work out, the staff are quick to alter gameplay to improve the flow of things and generally willing to listen to criticism and suggestions. Prices start at about £30 for walk-on hires, £15 for walk-on non-members and for those who pay the yearly £20 membership fee it's £10 assuming you have your own kit, so overall the prices are fair and reasonable. My main criticism of the site would be the lack of facilities; there are no toilets or indoor areas so to speak though a portable chemical toilet in a tent is often set up and we do have a food van and a stall that sells kit run by our resident salesman Paul Jakeman (who's prices are more than reasonable, I might add). So yes, overall I'd reccomend this site bearing in mind the above.
Josh about (BA) BLACKDAGGER AIRSOFT. [View on Map]
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