Event Details for NO LIMITS AIRSOFT WALK ON EVENT [2018-10-14]

2018-10-14 13:00:00 to 2018-10-14 20:00:00

This is a Skirmish Event

Minimum age to attend is: 18

There are 70 walk on places at £20 each
and 26 hire places at £35 each

Places do not need to be reserved

Contact Details:

[email protected]

Unit 4 King Street
Gateshead, Newcastle

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Come to No Limits Airsoft to play and experience the most unique real world environment available. We provide CQB urban terrtory along with the only two-storey killing house in the United Kingdom.

Special Rules:

NO LIMITS AIRSOFT RULES Following rules are for your safety and to ensure an enjoyable time for all. By attending No Limits Airsoft you are agreeing to comply to these rules. SAFETY -Eye protection to be worn outside the safe zone at all times. -Full face protection HIGHLY recommended (under 18 MUST wear full face protection - no exceptions). -Suitable footwear with good ankle support is recommended. -All guns must be transported into and out of our facility in a gun box or case. -All magazines in any guns (including pistols) must be removed in safe zone, gun set to "safe". -Absolutely NO firing in the safe zone - that includes dry firing. -Cheating, aggressive behaviour or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in removal from field and facility, as determined by our site managing staff!!! FPS LIMITS and PYRO -All guns (AEG, pistols) must chrono at 350 fps with a 0.2g BB ammo (weapons will be chronographed throughout the day) -NO pyrotechnics allowed on site. GAME RULES -Any hit to the body, limbs, or head is considered a kill. (Avoid head-shots where possible). -When hit, rise your hand, shout HIT and rise your weapon above your head then move immediately to the spawn or wait for game medic. -No blind firing. -Gun hits do not count nor do they disable your gun. -"SURRENDER"/"KILL KNIFE" rule at close distances. Offer the chance to surrender or use knife kill. -Smoke (from smoking machine) in some games will be treated as poison gas with 20 seconds kill time and 8 metres kill zone. -Cheating, aggressive behaviour or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in removal from field and facility, as determined by our game zone managing staff!!! AGE RESTRICTION -minimum age 11. Below 18 with parents' permission and parental supervision. "SURRENDER RULE" This rule is in place to attempt to prevent injury. If you get close enough to someone (point-blank range, within 10ft (3m)) and have a bead on them, and a direct shot, yell "SURRENDER!!!". If they are surrender, they are dead. This gives the person a chance to avoid being shot at close distance. "KNIFE KILL" If you can sneak up someone and tap them on the shoulder before they know you're there, that is a "knife kill" and they are dead. This is a very rare move and is highly commendable.