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These contact details have been provided by either the site operator or a member of the Airsoft community. They have not necessarily been confirmed.

Address: Grasscroft Wood., Barlow Lees Lane, Dronfield., S18 7UR


Email: [email protected]

Web: blackhillsairsoft.co.uk

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The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

Hello all if you are looking for a grant days aisofting look no further than bda it is an excellent site and is my local site, it has grate turain and is full of good friendly people couldnt recomend it enough ð so come and have a game for

Played there a few times now,the site is large and varied great work out on the legs,site marshalls are friendly and helpfull and pricing is better than most sites £15 walk on GREAT !!! , theres a large safe zone and a food van ,so lunch isnt a problem , the games are varied and well planned out , piros are allowed and can be bought on site , the regulars on site are a very warm and friendly bunch , i was made very welcome ,on the whole a grat day and would recommend to anyone

I've got a fair bit to say for this review. First of all, the terrain is great if you love woodland; plenty of trees, bushes and so on for cover, quite a few hills to navigate (which can be quite exhausting after a bit), a ravine which practically runs along the entire length of the site (really good for setting up strategic positions and so) and overall the site is fairly large. The only thing is that it can be quite exhausting, and during the wetter/colder seasons the terrain tends to get muddy so be prepared to bring along some good boots. Next off, both the staff and the regular players are friendly and very helpful to boot. I've always felt welcome here and whenever I've had trouble with my kit, I've always had someone offering me a hand or advice so quick shoutout to people for that. There's also quite a few kids who come here and they're decent players like any other, always taking their hits and playing fairly. Third, the games are organised and run pretty well - quite a few of the staff are ex-servicemen and so are some of the players so there's plenty of common sense applied in games and when a game doesn't exactly work out, the staff are quick to alter gameplay to improve the flow of things and generally willing to listen to criticism and suggestions. Prices start at about £30 for walk-on hires, £15 for walk-on non-members and for those who pay the yearly £20 membership fee it's £10 assuming you have your own kit, so overall the prices are fair and reasonable. My main criticism of the site would be the lack of facilities; there are no toilets or indoor areas so to speak though a portable chemical toilet in a tent is often set up and we do have a food van and a stall that sells kit run by our resident salesman Paul Jakeman (who's prices are more than reasonable, I might add). So yes, overall I'd reccomend this site bearing in mind the above.

Good site pure woodland though. Great players and marshals

I'm new to airsoft, past 6 months or so, and started at this site. I'm now a member and have not yet attended anywhere else so this review may be a little biased, but I'll try to stick to the facts. Terrain is true woodland, hills a large ravine etc, and i think several acres? Muddy underfoot unless its a very dry day. TBH its pretty hardcore but who doesnt want that? Great friendly staff, marshalls know their stuff and are fair, plenty of regulars on site who are quite willing to chat about the hobby, and help newbie's if they can. There is an on-site shop run by Paul, very honest bloke, and always has some goodies on offer. I've seen past reviews mentioning the facilities on-site so I'll address them as they need to be updated. There is now an on-site toilet, its the caravanning type with a privacy cover, not much but its there. And food is now regularly available, usually hot dogs burgers, coke tea coffee etc. All pyros are allowed, and are sold on site. As a plus if you take all your own gear, bb's etc, i think its one of the cheapest shoots going! Give it a try :)

was in 2 minds whether to write a review but felt i had to warn others bout this place. in my 10 years of softing at various sites up n down the country this one ranks as one of the worst. no toilets, no food,full of young kids, badly run, and very very muddy. the day started off ok and the terrain is great, not for the lightweights but the way it is run is terrible. i am still not sure who was in charge, i gave my money to some bald dude who seemed decent enough but there was a bunch of players who stuck together and were loud, rude and thougt they knew it all, tried to make convo with them but they were not having it. the mud is unreal and the facilites are poor, how these guys have not been done for health n safety is beyond me. this is one site to avoid at all costs.

If woodland sites are you thing, this is where to go. What the site lacks in actual buildings, it more than makes up for in it's varied terrain; large hills, a ravine, foliage of varying density, this site has the lot. As well as the physical site, the staff are friendly, prices are cheap, and the organisers are always willing to try a new game type if one is suggested. Slightly lacking in site extras; i.e. bathrooms, lunch. But has off-site facilities nearby so it is not much of an issue. This site is definitely worth a visit

Very divers site. No bunkers to make it repetitive contact or boring. Very hard ground to move so must be a hard core player, There are alternative routs for IE younger players so no problem their a 12 months ago and the site has improved a long way. Most of the staff are x military and know there stuff when it comes to setting up games, very realistic with a twist and combining real life historical wars witch gets you into the feel of the game. It is the first time I have seen the shop on site but it has everything you may need and very informative, Gun tek on site to even fit parts on site, most of the time at no cost, Time dependent. Overall I am very impressed with this site but be warned it is what I would call a hard core site tough terrain but worth every step.

As one of the founding members way back when it was just a few frends having fun. 7 years ago. With Richard Knowles, James lacy, Kevin moss, just the 4 of us. Due to my work commitments Chris lacy was made one of the decision makers within the team and I made it clear to him that we should try to make the site more well known. And thanks to him and the current steff team it has progressed so much. well done chaps.

It has been brought to my attention that some dirty little skank thinks I am out to bad mouth black dagger airsoft so I am here to set the record straight and am quite happy to do it to their faces too if they carry on bringing my name into things when it is nothing to do with me. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Right, let me start by saying that I think Blackdagger Airsoft is an AMAZING place to be. the hills and terrain are absolutely second to none some of the best in the Country, the sites owners do a fantastic job in trying to keep everything above board and a great day for others. My departure from the site and the team had NOTHING to do with how blackdagger is run and everything to do with SOME of its members there. Most of the people who shoot there are really friendly but one or two CAN spoil it for the rest, again, YOU know who you ARE! I feel I only made an honest review on another website regarding the safety of young players and guns in mags in safe Zone, sadly this was taken out of context and I no longer shoot there so cannot speak for how it is run now, what I can say is that when I shot there, the team were freindly, welcoming and knew what they were talking about, there were a few little niggles with safety etc but it is a new site and I have been told these things have been ironed out which can only be a good thing for the site. The layout of games was great and everyone no matter whether an experienced airsofter or not had the chance to really get into the action. The site owner Chris is a top guy and will whatever he can to help anyone who needs it. I am going to state here and now that I have NEVER slagged this place down and have only given my opinion on things which could have done with tweaking, anyone who is saying different or trying to blame me for stuff are WRONG and need to shut the hell up. I have ALWAYS called a spade a spade and ALWAYS will, I do not need to hide behind a keyboard or make up false accounts to say what I need to say. For the last time Black dagger is a great place to be and I will NOT have it slagged down in my name, this is an open invitation for anyone who wants to try to drag me into stuff that dont concern me to come and talk to my face and not behind a keyboard. To all people reading this review and thinking of going to blackdagger, please give it a go, it has one of the best terrains in the land and if they could only lose one or two cocky members then I think it could rank as one of the best sites in the country.

really friendly guys who run it they made me welcome, this was my firs time one of the players told me the guys who run the site run it cheap as its non profit so every penny goes back into the group, Brilliant idea this would make all the other sites cheaper these guys do this for the sport not the money. however you can tell these guys are trying hard to make this site work cheers for the amazing day saturday :-)

Went to a game at this site for the first time yesterday. Dont really know what to say except the terrain was good. there was bits of netting all over the place and i dint really know who was a player and who was in control.games too long, too boring, overuse of pyro and very clicky,i did not feel welcome at all and did not feel that safe. some very arrogant little arseholes there too and if it had not been my first time shooting there i would have put one of them on the floor. will not be returnin

I was there at blackdagger yesterday this too was my first time there and it was the best day i have had shooting in a long time. I travelled 2 & half hrs to get there and well it was awesome well worth the visit. I travel all over the place to different site then give a true review of the how the days are run. These guys put a lot of effort in the Safety, game play and they have hit my top ten in the country. I have seen the review that certain idiots have put on here to cause trouble and then make a threat, well i will say this come and meet true airsofters and lets see if you can put us on the ground.The overuse of pyro's give it a break. All i can say is that you dont know what Airsoft is so get a life children.very immature. TOP SITE PEOPLE GO AND GIVE IT A TRY YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED I GUARANTEE YOU THIS. I shall be returning in the near future but this time with a coach load. Thanks again people for a great time.

Great people, great site, great prices, great fun!

first time attending saturday was made welcome very profesional all in all a very good day cheers Chris,james and rich. see you all next time

Go and check this site out, I have had some of the best days airsofting that I have ever had there. A site constantly evolving so nothing ever seems to get stale, LOVE IT.

What a top woodland site, the games are so well thought out and the staff are the friendliest people I have ever come across. A great day guaranteed.

Went to Blackdagger just over a week ago. Wow the guys have really improved things there. You are handed safety info as you drive in. The safe zone is now netted off from the game and testing area. The safety brief was good. There were about 35 players on the day. All of the day was themed around a movie called The Rock and it seemed to work really well with no team dominating. Regulars seemed to be making sure new players knew the layout of the site. Overall a great day out. Will be back here very soon. Oh and finally if you dont like mud this site may not be for you in the winter!

I have been watching the bad information that has arisen about Blackdagger Airsoft and i was in two minds whether to go or not as my business in the airsoft industry is quite away from the site. After reading all that has happened this a blatant attack on the site to ruin the nature of the sport which they truly love so much. So me and a couple of my colleagues decided to pay a visit to the site just as regular players on a couple of occasions, on the second visit we had noticed that they had enforced a lot of things,this was a truly a big transformation. I spoke to one of the staff there which took our fee which was cheap at £15 and he was very polite and helpful in ways i have never seen, he did everything as it should be with help from the staff in a very professional manner. I have done my investigation thoroughly on this matter and feel that they should not be disgraced in any such way and should notify all relevant authority's to the matter in hand. I have written my report on this and shall pass it on to my associates in hand so we can discuss the matter on how to deal with this kind of attack. Please keep up with good work Blackdagger airsoft.

Group of 7 of us looking to visit shortly spoke with site owner and a few of they're regulars and seems like a good bunch heard the terrain is amazing look forward to shooting you all soon. AVAL

Visited the site a few weeks back only just go around to posting on here. Fantastic run day felt very welcome immense land for sniping lots of hills and bushes will Def be returning.

Hi, i have been visiting the site since it very first started to open its gate to the public. The guys that run it initailly started out as a group of friends that enjoyed the great sport of airsoft. They have a vast amount of knowledge in the field of airsoft and it wasn't long before they decided to actually make a business of it. The land that they use is shared land and therefore they do or did have issues in regards to what can be set up, everything has to be reurned to normal at the end of the shooting day so it is alot of hard work for the orgnaisers. I will say on the first few visits the site was still in operational duties trying to work out the best way in which to deliver a fantastic site i don't think that they thought that it would take off at such speed and because of that there have been issues that others have raised regarding different areas of the site, this is turn has left the site recieving some bad feedback because of these issues. The organisers and marshalls were quick to rectify these issues and i have seen a massive transformation as of late from what was once a few "mates" having a laugh to a fully fledged operational business. i for one am in awe of what has happened to the site in such a small amount of time. There is now a fully designated safe zone that is netted off, clear signage all around the site, safety info handed out on arrival to the site as well as clear markers to the range and game area. i look forward to many more shoots at this site. p.s also heard that they have also organised a catering van to attend site as well as a small airsoft suppliers stand that will be there each shoot, i have not yet seen this so i am looking froward to what goodies there are to buy.

Well what can i say, another fantastic turn out and some good game play. We have introduced & improved our safe zone area and enforced certain things, but like i said we are a new site with room for improvement. Thanks guys/girls. Hope to see you all at next event on the 9th November 2013.

Hi, Great turn out again bigger and bigger each time. Despite the weather people still turned out in force. Brill day keep it up. Thanks to all who came.

Been visiting this site since it first went operational. Great bunch that run the site always friendly helpful atmosphere. Games are varied in close rush speed games to while day scenarios. Terrain is rugged consists of deep woodland open areas steep hills good vantage points also boasts a ravine complete with stream. If you want a site that's different from your average flat woodland this is the place to go. Defib machine is optional but may help with this monster site.

Well another great day and a fantastic turn out. Thanks to all who came hope you enjoyed it. We value your feedback good points or bad points. I hope to see you all at next shoot. Thanks. Chris L.

Hi, Guys & Girls, I would like to thank you for making a great day and a very good turn out once again. There was some very good team work through out the day too. Thanks Again. Chris. Blackdagger Airsoft.

This is a great site. Very tough on the legs as its very hill, but great gameplay. A very very well run site.

My previous review should have had 5 stars

excellent site, staff are really professional and friendly. I would reconmend to children and adults. the scale and terrain of this site are second to none. Our best day out in a long time.

Great day again guys, thank you.

Cheers all for comming saturday, glad you liked all the new games.I noticed that most was still buzzing from the first game. There shall be more. Looking forward to seeing you all at next shoot. CHEERS.. CHRIS L...

fantastic site enjoyed my last 2 outings nice variation in terrain good days really friendly staff good food. I would give this site 10 stars if i could. :-)

Just like to thank everybody who has been coming to our site and spreading the word about. I will be glad to here all info on your suggestions & game scenario's. We are open to shoot every 2 weeks on Saturdays. Keep up the good work and i hope to see you all again. Regards Chris L.

What a fantastic day, excellent terrain, great guys, fantastic price and amazing pyro's... Think i have well and truly found my new place to Airsoft and am looking forward to the next shoot...

I purchased this sex-toy 27 years ago and itâs satisfied a number of girlfriends, when I couldnât get it up. I would recommend it to anyone with erection problems. Edit......Sorry wrong Review, the site is great get yourself down and give it a go. Now how do I get rid of the top bit.

A massive thanks to Chris and James and everyone else at Blackdagger that made the day so great. Fantastic bunch of really helpful friendly guys that put a great day of Airsoft on. Special thanks to Chris for looking after my lady who took loads of photos and putting the hot dogs on at half time.. Great site, great people, great day.

Good day out despite the mud but hey that's what's its all about,carnt wait for the next one,Top day.

Fantastick day out. good team work by all. I will be going again.

Excellent site! Very friendly regulars, make you feel very welcome. The terrain has everything you could want from a woodland airsoft site, with plenty of cover, open spaces, hills, and varying landscape, without being so huge you never see anyone. The prices charged are well worth it compared to most sites, and all funds go towards the team for ammo, pyros, radios, and general equipment. Can highly recommend to everyone.

lots of room to play good group of lads had plenty of good battles

This land is tops. lots of wooded land, hills and banks even some open areas.Thay are constantly inproving the venue by building NATERAL bunkers. Gud lads always willing to help newcomers.

Visited BDB at the weekend had a fantastic time and the lads are brilliant.The woodland is massive with good cover, i would recommend to my mates a Matlock combat when there isn't a game on there.The lads at BDB don't use many marshals and i couldn't believe how honest they are when shot. I will defiantly go again if invited. Highly Recommended. Well done BDB FOR A GREAT TIME...

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