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These contact details have been provided by either the site operator or a member of the Airsoft community. They have not necessarily been confirmed.

Address: Tal an Vine, Conquest Drove, Farcet, , Peterborough - CAMBS, PE7 3DH

Phone: +44(0) 01733 24



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All Reviews for FIRESUPPORT

The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

Hi, I bought from these guys and got great service, quick delivery and a good price. If you check out the facebook reviews you see others say the same thing I always buy from them and will continue to do so. The web site is the best I have found for searching for products, they have a stock level indicator that is accurate and they have a great range of products Keep up the good work.

Meant 5 stars not 3 sorry. Hi, I bought from these guys and got great service, quick delivery and a good price. If you check out the facebook reviews you see others say the same thing I always buy from them and will continue to do so. The web site is the best I have found for searching for products, they have a stock level indicator that is accurate and they have a great range of products Keep up the good work.

Errr, anyone else notice the date on all those reviews... fishy?

Items recieved quickly enough.and everything was as it should be although the website lacks description

Really really good service.cant say enough. As always with airsoft guns you get problems but these guys sorted everything. Their warranty is 6 months and they honour it! I get sick of 18 month/ lifetime warranty claims that amount to nothing!

Range is very good and gun knowledge second to nobody in this country! Their PTW work has always been excellent hence my owning three! (to my wifes disgust!)

Very reliable seller.

I have purchased several of my guns from firesupport.with little if any problems. Great Retailer would highly recommend to everyone. I have also ordered some very small parts.If you speak to them before you order.they might make the postage abit more realistic.

I've used Fire Support several times now.with orders of everything from small accessories to two AEGs and Two pistols.and every time i've had a pretty much perfect experience.

The range of products I don't mind paying it.

To sum up.if Fire Support sell it from won't be disappointed.on the website is great.stock is updated regularly and the stock check they have for each item actually works... if it says they have 6 of an item in stock.they have 6 of that item in stock.

Staff are friendly.knowledgeable and helpful.and have quickly fixed two faulty guns for me.

My only gripe with them is that their prices are slightly higher than in other competitors shops.but considering the quality of customer service you get from them

Very good site. Ordered here just as test and since then kept ordering here
The guys that own this shop deserve a medal for this efficiency and customer support.
If you order something that should be delivered to BE you should have in a week or so without any customs. The tracking numbers they give do work and always ready to help / answer any of your problems or questions.

Levels of stock are very accurate.order a replica of this site wich was in stock on site but not in they're warehouse and they gave me another version wich was more expensive for a few pounds more and not the complete price.

Pricewise they are okay they aren't the cheapest but they sure do beat the price of something coming from HK with customs.

Very great shop can only advise it to all of you guys!

These guys are great.they are very efficient with shipping your orders and when I had a problem with Parcel Force they stepped in and got it sorted for me :)

They are probably the best UK website for parts and upgrades although I find their site a bit hard to browse. If you know what you are looking for though then it's great and the information on stock levels are very accurate.

If the site had a bit more filters it would be perfect.for example being able to view all the M16/M4 AEG's at the same time regardless of manufacturer. \\n\\nThey are also one of the best UK stockists for Magpul and the official distributor of the Tornado Grenades from airsoft innovations

Excellent company definately the best in the UK!!!

I've only bought one thing from Fire-Support and it came very quickly and well wrapped.

My only gripe is that I paid £4.26 for postage and packing and it quite clearly said £1.50ish on the small packet that came through.

Felt like a big slap in the face.

Used these guys a couple of weeks ago.first class service.order came quckly and I realised I'd made a mistake and ordered the wrong mags for my gun.contacted them and they apologised profusely.they apologised for my mistake :)

Sent them back and got correct mags a day later.not their fault royal mail took 10 days to deliver my return parcel to them.

Fantastic service.good coms on phone and by email. Am ordering off them again soon.

Slight criticism of site.a lot of the photos are not great and reviews need to be added to a lot of items.but from what I know of them its not due to laziness its due to being in constant demand due to being're only that busy if you're good.

i have made two purchases from FireSupport now and am very happy with both of these. it seems that no matter what the question is that you have about an item they will always do their best to help you and get back to you with the answers if they cant find it right away. id use them again no problem

would deffo use again. customer service carries on well past the initial sale and nothing seems to be too much for them

Great shop.great staff.not my closest airsoft retailer but definatly my \local\ shop. Friendly advice.reasonably priced. Offers delivery to site (nice for those last minute items).collection.or postage. If they dont have it.I'll wait till they do and Highly reccommend.

bought my first gun from these guys. absolutely no probs though the website lacks in good photos here and there but overall a good store.

Fantastic shop who provide great support. These guys know their stuff and will not try to sell you something you do not need. Faultless customer service and outstanding gun repair and upgrade facility.
Massive thanks to John Dean and his team for looking after me and why I am a loyal customer. Definintley will not be purchasing form anyone else.
Due to having an Urban and Woodland site run and associated with the shop the package is completely holistic.

Decent shop. Nothing spectacular.but decent. The website has horrible photos however. Someone needs to teach those guys how to take a picture! Never had a problem with them.and would use them if I need an item quickly. Otherwise always order from eHA. Staff can be helpful and accomodating if needed.

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