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Address: Bassets Pole island off the A38, Between Minworth and Lichfield, B75 5SA

Phone: 07582684533

Email: [email protected]


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The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

To clarify the previous review. Fireball's uses part of the NPF for 'Black Ops' games only. 'Normal walk on days' utilise our own section of land that has its own scenarios that are not used by paintballers.

Fireball is situated at the rear of a paintball site, and shares some zones with the paintballers. As it's a shared site, sometimes parts are not available for use, and there's a tendency for the paint 'goo' to get on your clothes, but this really is a minor point compared to the positives this site offers. There are several zones that are used - one of my favourites is the Embassy - an open topped, timber, multi room building which is used to great effect for small squad based games, which are both fast and very furious! having played in the building both in the light and in the dark, I really do enjoy it! The other major addition to the site is the Vietnam Village - a compound and out building which lends itself to 'hold out' situations, and is a joy to play in. the marshals are friendly, yet firm, keeping control of the games in a very professional manner, always with an eye to keeping the game rolling on. The on site shop is well stocked with kit for that may be needed for the day, and the catering is provided by an outside 'burger van' which offers tasty food for lunch. Well worth the visit!

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