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These contact details have been provided by either the site operator or a member of the Airsoft community. They have not necessarily been confirmed.

Address: Anzio Camp, North of Leek, ST13 8TL

Phone: 0161 727 8863

Email: [email protected]


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The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

great site just expensive at £35 walk on, will go back but wont be that oftern as price puts me off.

Excellent FIBUA site with a great marshalling team and some very sporting players. Onsite shop is very handy, as are charging facilities. Safe zone/car park has a section inside a large garage/shed which keeps your vehicles from prying eyes. Food seems okay, though I've never had it as it does not cater for Coeliacs, which suits me just fine as I always bring my own food to any skirmish site.

Quite possibly the best site I've been to so far. Quite a large site with a great number of buildings providing great sniper locations and CQB encounters and allows for over 100 players to take part. These guys are quite strict and only give players one warning, and that's during the safety brief. While this makes total sense due to numbers of players and maybe not enough marshals to be everywhere at once, this does leave you fearful of putting a foot wrong . If I'm honest, this is a good thing. Probably only encountered a couple of people not willing to take hits, but the majority played fairly and honestly. And anyone who didn't do so was dealt with swiftly. Those marshals had very sharp eyes. Had a great day with my airsoft society and look forward to going there again. I'd recommend this site to everyone.

We travelled to Anzio from south staffs and for the most part really enjoyed our day. Feel that the £30 walkon was a little pricey for non members, as teams like ourselves touring different sites could be put off by such a high price. The site is fantastic. Brilliant urban location, buildings spread out over a large area with variety of interiors and levels. Particularly enjoyed entering through low level windows and fighting through old changing blocks and shower rooms etc. Well stocked shop on site where I picked up a holster I desperatley needed on the day. They took card payments too, which was a helpful little addition. Medic rules that Anzio use are innovative and functional, allowing fast play without comprimising realism too much. However, one small negative point we felt was the regen point (which is used after you have been mediced once,) was too far away from the action most of the time, and we did spend a fairly large part of our day just....walking to and from it. For the most part a freindly local bunch and a large following from furthur afield being a testimony to the quality of the site, we did however feel a bit rushed around as visiting players, not knowing the way things went from breifings / chrono etc, and despite marshal teams being helpful and approachable there was a shouty pushy attitude to get the day going we thought wasn't really necessary. On the whole, brilliant site, cant wait to visit it again now we know the ropes!

....And I meant to give it five stars!

Excellent site, friendly, informative marshals, interesting game scenarios, intense CQB, LOTS of buildings, many 2-storey, providing both multi-level CQB, and building vs building firefights. Would recommend again in an instant, and will definitely be visiting again, as will my team...

Absalutely awesome, loads of 2 story buildings, plenty of tree cover when moving, it really is a tactical playground and it's likely the First & Only team will have the Land Rovers flying about to make it even more exciting too, *****.

Epic full day long game! :) Dingo Wolfpack

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