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These contact details have been provided by either the site operator or a member of the Airsoft community. They have not necessarily been confirmed.

Address: Wordsworth Road, Leicester, LE2 6EA

Phone: 07779 157440

Email: [email protected]


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The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

Located in an enormous former shoe factory with action taking place across 3 floors this is a fantastic CQB site. There is a car park out front from which you enter the building into the safe zone, there is plenty of space with tables to set your kit on. All weapons are chronod and tagged with limits strictly enforced, briefings follow and the safety breifs given. If you have ever been to an F&O site you will know what to expect, the Marshalling and running of the games is exemplery and efficient. Lunch is included in the game fee which is always appreciated. Each game day though consisting of a number of individual games usually follows a narrative across the whole day which is entertaining and means the games are competetive & fast paced. The site does operate a semi auto only policy which may put some people off but the site is deffinately much better for it. Were full auto allowed games would become static and boring and I suspect being frequently full auto'd at close range would become annoying. The only trouble we found was in moving between floors using the staircases, play would occasionally bog down as one team became trapped on one floor as they couldn't get up/down without being riddled with fire. Frequently the only solution was to find someone who'd splashed out on a ton of pyro. That being said I find it hard to think of any way to resolve the issue indeed I would love to know how military/armed response units tackle them.Anyway if you're looking for a good days airsofting and you like CQB give it a try you won't be dissapointed.

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