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These contact details have been provided by either the site operator or a member of the Airsoft community. They have not necessarily been confirmed.

Address: Desford Lane, North of Desford, LE9 9FP

Phone: 07855363593



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The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

A real gem of a site this one, my friends and I tend to favour the Urban sites however I was able to convince one of them to come with me to Grange farm & we were both extremely glad we made the trip. The site is perhaps a little lacking in cover in some parts but not sufficiently to detract from what was a hugely enjoyable day. We arrived on site to find very good facilities for a woodland site with a large porta cabin with loos, seating and a tuck shop, we obtained our free Bacon roll a brilliant touch!. The site staff were friendly, all weapons were chronod at the start of the day and tagged. The games throughout the day were varied, well thought out, inventive and often included a brilliant use of props. Marshals were readily available but in fairness I never neaded one as the briefs were thorough and I did not have any issues with any players conduct throughout the day. If you haven't played here before get yourself down there. Unfortunately it's been some time since our trip but as soon as I am able I will be going back!

i've been down to grange farm a few times now and what can i say? scenarios are always well thought out and entertaining, marshalling is good and the facilities are great, free bacon sandwich with green fee.......... RESULT !! ;-) i'd highly recommend this site to anyone who like fun friendly (non clicky) atmospheres - well done guys

An awesome rural site, not the largest by any means and the games are a little infrequent but definitely one of the most fun. Has little pockets of woodland/open fields/ plenty of embankments to play on. The staff are very friendly and it's far cheaper than any run by the big companies.

I've been to a range of sites across the whole country, some regularly and some as a one off. Of those I have been to more than once, I have never consistently had as good a time as I have at Grange Farm. A lot of effort is put into dressing the games up into an overall scenario which helps give the day a purpose. Games are varied and can be quite complex, making best use of the site. There are a good bunch of regulars that I have never seen cheat, and the marshals are quick to jump on anyone they do see cheating. Free bacon roll in the morning and free tea and coffee all day, plus being the cheapest site in the area are even more reasons to like the site. As mentioned the only downside is it can be a bit barren in winter, however, efforts are being made to improve it with a series of build days (if you help out you get half a day free shooting!). Students also get members rates too, which makes the day even cheaper :)

This is a great site, one the best I've been to. Decent facilities, with battery charging, free tea and coffee all day and plenty of room for kit in the club house. There's good crowd of people that go there and the spirit of play is fair and fun. If you're already an airsofter, you'll know that organising them is like hearding kittens! They do a decent job here of keeping the games running and balanced. Every site has people that don't take hits. The marshals here are responsive and willing to sort problems out. I've had to remove one star for the landscape. As others have mentioned, it can be a little bare during the winter. However they guys there are planning a few build events to help sort this out. Prices are the best in the area and I'll definitely be going back.

Very disappointed with the site. There was lots of cheating going on right under the marshals' noses and nothing was done about it. Visited with some friends who had never been to a game before and i found that i was having to explain everything to them, including how the guns worked! I really thought this was a job for the staff. Also, I really didn't rate the land, which seemed quite baron, apart from the odd pallet dotted around.Unfortunately I wouldn't visit again. On the good side, bacon sandwiches were available and when I had to leave early, i was given a partial refund, which was very decent of them.

Excellent site, very friendly, with top notch marshalling, uncover facilities and a reasonable site. Prices are extremely reasonable and the only site I've played at (and found) to date that have a student discount. Only loses a mark as during the winter it can be a bit bare in places and can be quite flat - however, the site owners have tried to make it as interesting as possible as much as possible. Probably one of the best sites I've played at.

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