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These contact details have been provided by either the site operator or a member of the Airsoft community. They have not necessarily been confirmed.

Address: Somerley Estate, Ringwood, Hampshire, C/O Zero One Airsoft,

Phone: 01329 849818



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The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

Rude marshals who are pretty awful to say the least. Cheaters Galore, Hot guns, no calling of hits, no chrono checks, you name it.. they aint got it. The marshals are rude and will shout at you if you talk or even contest a hit on someone.

Pros: Good varied woodland site. Toilet faciliies! Good on site shop. Tags to clearly identify enemies from friendlies. Good built up structures. Charging area. Good sized parking area. Cons: Marshalling, the site is huge therefore marshalling is a major problem on site and although they may have radios it is a big concern that they never seem to be in the right area at the right time... The games, the games on a typical day consist of 2 games, one in the morning and one in the afternoon with multiple objectives, now for me this is not really proper gameplay and it leads onto the issue of mashalling, people end up more often then not fighting in the zones between the actual defined gameplay areas as it is so much easier to create choke points in hedgerows, there are various ways of remedying this e.g. mortar strikes on ares to create openings. The gamezones themselves some are good some are downright appalling, there is one which is suppose to be like a 2 storey stronghold, now to me that would suggest you can actually see all around said stronghold instead of just the tops of bushes others gamezones are good like the Viet village but rarely do you see firefights occur here Respawning, to respawn you must find a deadzone and wait there 5 minutes to respawn, simple enough apart from they can be used again as choke points as places for anyone to spawn off of to get a tactical advantage from (this happened several times with specific people spawning literally meters behind your squad and wiping you all out). The players, a normal gameday consists of a rather large number of players (over 100 usually) so its extremely likely that some players will use hot guns or just simply cheat there way through a day as mentioned before spawning behind enemy squads, not taking hits as there are no marshalls around as the site is so damn large, the hot guns part is important here, if you go to the Ground Zero weekender be weary! A friend of mine got shot from about 50 meters away and had his lip split open, when he walked up to the player to ask him what he was using the player covered his tag and run away, I had an incident where I was shot in the neck from about 60 meters away and had the worst bruise I had ever seen it was a good 2 inches in diameter and was the kind of bruise you'd get from a rubbish air rifle. The site does not really do chrono testing unless they suspect cheating, which is fair enough as there are so many players, but this makes it easier for players to bring hot guns. Conclusion: A good site with huge potential which is not used, the gameplay has issues due to the players in it and the marshalling has problems due to the shear size of the gameplay, its a good thing to go for for the annual weekender but don't expect clean gameplay there or infact at anytime you go to this site.

Terrible staff - very unfriendly. Games were poorly marshalled and there was lots of cheating. Myself and my team will never be returning.

went here for the 2011 weekender, absolutely loved it, well planned out games by the marshalls!

Ground Zero Woodland is a brilliant site that made me feel so welcome as a newbie. Well thought out games and efficient marshalling also adds to the experience. Although, if you aren't in the best of physical conditions, the many hills can hinder your day. They have an onsite shop for essential items such as BB's, gas, eye protection, vests and many snacks and drinks. They also hold an annual airsoft weekender that draws in over 1500 people each time. Highly recommended :)

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