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These contact details have been provided by either the site operator or a member of the Airsoft community. They have not necessarily been confirmed.

Address: Bardy Lane, Upper Longdon, Nr Rugeley, Stafford

Phone: 07515 937633



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The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

Honestly a great game area but sick to death of the level of marshaling. No where near enough marshals to cover the sheer size of the site compounded by certain players that I have seen at the site on multiple occasions cheating quite badly and lack of desire to deal with them when complaints are made. Unfortunately I probably won't be playing there again.



Good Geography let down by inattentive Marshalling. Marshall's ignore rule-breaking under their nose and allow players to use them as cover punishing those that attempt to shoot the player .I visited twice and both times i walked away disappointed. Maybe in time it will become a decent site but for the moment i would recommend avoiding

Great site, challenging geography (all hills!), great, fair marshalls who are passionate about their sport. Still in it's infancy, this is a site to look out for!

Stormforce is a new site that is hitting above its weight. Brilliant terrain over 43 acres, including 3 valleys, streams, bridges, structures, roads, rhohi's and a wide variety of woodland. Well paced, balanced games over a full day ensure everyone has a good experience. Especially for new players, a very welcoming environment with good prices considering the size of the site and whats on offer. A nice mix of experienced players and those relatively new makes for a less of an intimidating outing. Pyros and ammo available on site, aswell as limeted battery charging. Hire guns are mostly Sportline M4s, hardy but with good range and power.


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