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These contact details have been provided by either the site operator or a member of the Airsoft community. They have not necessarily been confirmed.

Address: Hill View Farm, Grants Lane, RH8 0RH

Phone: 0208 509 3995


Web: www.ultimatewargames.co.uk/

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The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

Good site, not the largest, but the space is well used. Staff are all friendly, as are the players, Friendliest site I've played. The food at lunch is excellent value and damn tasty too! They have ammo and Pyro for sale at a reasonable price as well

I am a regular at another site and me and a bunch of other regulars went here for a one off to give it a try. I'll put this in list form to make it easier; PROS: + It's big. This site is certainly big enough to flank around your enemies position without being noticed. + Variety of woodland. There is a good variety of woodland here. There are some impassable places, however most of it is dense but passable. There are main paths and a road which can be good to set up an ambush. + Marshalls. The marshals here are good. They are friendly, but do keep a good eye on the gameplay and players to make sure no-one is being an arse. + Price. £20 for a full day walk on (no rental) is a good price. However lunch isn't included which I think it should be if you pay for a full day. £2.50 for a crappy burger isn't so great. + Players. The players I attended with were all pretty cool. No one was aggressive or had a bad attitude. They played well and didn't muck around, but it was all in good fun overall. + Buildings. Some of the buildings were good. The biggest is simply a shoulder high circular wall. The smallest (Area 51) is a log cabin type building which could fit 6 people inside. (If they made a bigger version of that then it'd be pretty amazing, but they don't seem to want to improve that much. CONS: - Location. They should make their building on the farm clearer. It's the large (long) black building on the right as you drive into the complex. You get in by going round the back. There are no signs of any kind which is a bit stupid really. - Hire weapons. From what I saw, the hire weapons were terrible. 5 times I saw rentals complain their gun had run out of battery. - Rules. Ok this one is weird. On their website they state their rules such as; Bang rule is enforced when within 30 feet of another player, or that they are overly strict on the 328 FPS max rule. However people were blasted from 2 feet away with no repercussion from the marshals, and they were allowing guns averaging 350FPS and they only did chrono in the afternoon. I hate the bang rule so I don't care about that... and the FPS rule I think if they DID stick to 328 should be enforced (when it wasn't). But the rules on the website do seem VERY unappealing to most players.

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