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These contact details have been provided by either the site operator or a member of the Airsoft community. They have not necessarily been confirmed.

Address: RAF Upwood, Ramsey Road, PE26 1

Phone: 07925 959398

Email: games@urbanassault.org.uk

Web: www.urbanassault.org.uk

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All Reviews for URBAN ASSAULT

The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

I have been attending games at Urban assault for several years now and whilst I have visit a number of sites around the country this is still one of the best. They run a variety of games with the regular saturday skirmishes, pistol shotgun games and at the beginiing of the year one day milsim style events which are always a good day out! The site itself is impressive with a number of buildings of varying sizes in play with various obstacles/cover between them. All guns are chronod at the start of the day with spot checks throughout, There are always several marshalls around the site monitoring the action & steering folks in the right direction. You do get the occasional player not taking hits but In 5-6years of airsofting I've yet to find a site totally free of this and for this and other offences I have witnessed several players be asked to leave. When all's said and done I would always recommend a game Urban assault.

fair enough, it was only a night game i went to, but in the space of three hours, you would expect to play more than just four games. well, i say four games, it was two scenarios flipped around. Think that the games lacked originality and were based around the concept of capturing flags, etc. that was it. Spent more time in the safe zone than gaming. the site itself its becoming more worn down with each visit. some rooms are now completely filled with rubble. it seems that they have had a fire or two as a lot of the corridor seemed to have been badly burnt as well. this can make the building that safe. Was also a bit disappointed with the pyro. you can only use the ones that they sell, which are useless. most of them make more noise with the fuse burning that the actuall expolosion. I'll visit again, but its going to need to be a lot better otherwise im going to have to look elsewhere

A very poorly run site with little or no structure to the games. Only extended to things like capture the flag or capture the lights. The site itself shouldn't really be being used. Lifted manhole covers and parts of buildings falling down. Even had a stair give way. Very dangerous site, no wonder they make you sign the disclaimer they do. The pyro is practically useless. Even a party popper is louder and that's saying something. Marshals aren't that great either. Saw them call a player to one side for a quick word. Don't know what it was about, but if that was a friendly word with them right in your face waving what looked like a torch at them then I'd hate to have done something really wrong. Didn't want to hear what the guy had to say, just kept on talking over him. Extremely rude. Seeing all this on a first time at what claims to be the premier CQB site was quite a shock. How on earth they got commended by ai I will never know.

Let me start of by saying this site is huge but it's a massive shame we can't have access to the airfield and the buildings towards the back of the site that ironicaly are in better condition then those we can use which I am sad to say look as though won't be safe to use for much longer. When I first started going to this site I realised I was hooked on . The site had a great mix of CQB urban and big open areas making gameplay greatly varied. The marshalling was outstanding and the players were honourable. However in recent months this has gone slightly downhill with there not always being enough marhsalls for the size of the site there has been an increase in cheating with players stating "if he doesn't take his hits then why should I" I hope this is brought under control as I love the site and get on well with all of the marashalls.

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