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Address: Harmer Green, , AL6 0UN

Phone: None



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All Reviews for VIKING AIRSOFT

The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

I'm a fickle airsofter - if I dont like a site, I will just leave for greener pasteurs.So when I say I consistently return here every month, its shows that for me this site is spot on!TERRAIN: Reasonably sparse (but not heavily managed) woodlandSAFE ZONE: Covered internal safezone and walled outer safe zone. Running water, flushing toilets (male and female), food served on siteadditionally, camping facilities available to skirmishers, as well as a limited number of bunksCHRONO: Every weapon chrono'd at the start of the day without exception, weapons rechrono'd where appropriateRENTAL: Offered with better than average rental guns used (G36C rifles with decent accuracy)GAMES: Split into two days, Saturday is the standerd skirmish day, with speedball, attack and defend etc style games.Sunday runs 'filmsim' games - a cross between milsim and skirmish. Fewer games which last several hours, specific objectives, ammo limits, and an ongoing story line. No equipment limitations ie hicaps are permitted so long as ammo limits are respected. No reload in the field apart from at designated control points while they are not under fireMARSHALLING: Utilizing main marshals and player marshals, games are watched very closely. If a game is getting 'stale', it will be ended early so that a new game can be started. Team balancing may happen when appropriate

Brilliant good fun of a site, had a great weekend for a very cheap price and free camping

Summary: An excellent site that should be visited, should expand for great things one day This unassuming site is a key gem in the airsoft community. A medium woodland, complete with covered safe zone, running water and free camping for those who wish to do a whole weekend event. Looks wise, it is a fairly standard site, and can be considered under developed due to a lack of formal bunkers/tanks etc which is a common touch to airsoft sites. DO NOT let this fool you, the games, players and marshalling is of an impressively high standard, with imagination and good humour throughout the day. The games were a good mix, with spray and pray skirmish games on the saturday and 'film sim' (a slightly watered down milsim game)on the sunday. Objectives were clear, tactics spoken, and we then went our own ways to perform as well as we could. Special medic rules operate here, which work very well at keeping you in the game without the four mile walk to the respawn after every hit The 2 teams (which i saw) that call this site home are extremely friendly can be summed up thus: - The large team, with good guns and a coherent team uniform - A smaller team, lacking colours and communication,with cheap yet effective guns and fair organisation - plus various younger 'softers, rental, walk-ons Both these teams are good sports and excellent airsofters, and never was a hit taken with greater enthusiasm. I can remember my first kill at this site, against a man with a face painted with what looked like a trowel who immediately shouted "HIT, nice shot!". He then proceeded to shoot me whenever I made the mistake of being caught in the open - which was far more often than I would have liked, and we had a laugh in the safe zone at lunch. To summ up, this is an excellent site, I would advise people to visit - especially if you live locally. The players were friendly, prices fair, atmosphere good and with free camping available there really is no excuse. To summarize: Games - **** for Saturday, ***** for sunday (personal preference) Players - **** Marshalling - ***** Atmosphere - ***** Site - ****

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