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Address: cold meece rd, cold meece staffordshire, st15 0qn

Phone: 07432 291729

Email: [email protected]


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All Reviews for ZONE 13 SWYNNERTON

The following reviews have been submitted by members of the Airsoft community;

Cant understand the comment from John.this site is unreal real buildings bunkers woodland as stated before massive.the staff are on the ball and have time for every player the game scenarios are highly planned and del to a high standard I play there regular and was there for op clear skies when Airsoft action wrote a 4 page review and stated urban 6 Airsoft put more effort into the scenario and props than Steven Spielberg does ...

While the site is very impressive and the game day I had there was okay, I can't really say it was that great. I haven't taken part in a game type like this before and it was quite an experience moving from one game to another without returning to a safety zone to resupply and short break. My main issues are that you get Marshals barking orders at you most of the time, a fair number of players weren't calling their hits due to lack of Marshal presence, they seemed too lenient when dealing with players and there was no real way of telling which team won at the end of the day. Instead it felt as though no matter how many kills or objectives either team got, it'd end in the exact same way. The site is a great set up but I don't believe I'll be returning in the near future.

out of this world op cobra was amazing this place is really a town with roads buildings bunkers.the hi lite for me was when the cartels attacked the police station it was crazy.we then hid up in a purpose built cqb center which is around 100mtrs by 50 mtrs with a breeze block wall maze system and held of the police. this site is new but the numbers for the 1st event where great and with 600 plus acres of wood buildings and bunkers which are all real no plyboard in site its going to be a hit

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