Airbana has 3 distinct Airsoft Maps

Airsoft Skirmish Sites:

The Airsoft Skirmish Map allow you to see all the Airsoft Skirmish Sites around the world that have been added to the database.

If you zoom in close enough the site boundaries will be drawn on the map allowing you to see which areas are available and how big the site is. To see how to edit site boundaries and add additional information such as the Safe Zones, Car Parks etc see the following Airbana tutorial video:

Skirmish Sites also display reviews submitted from members of the community rating the site out of 5 and providing feedback on their experience at this site. Anyone can add reviews, the only thing we ask is that you provide a real email address in case we need to contact you to verify the review.

If the site has any Airsoft event within 30 days it will be displayed. Clicking on an event name will take you to the event details page. You can Add an Event simply by clicking the [Add Event] link.

Prices for walk-ons, hires, refreshments, consumables etc will also be displayed if they are in the database. To add or edit prices for a site just click the [Edit Prices] link.

Be sure to consult the Map Key so you can quickly recognise if a site is Woodland or Urban and has battery charging etc.

Airsoft Retailer Sites:

Airsoft Retailer Map allow you to see all the Airsoft Retailers around the world that have been added to the database.

Retailer Sites also show a rating out of 5 provided by people that have purchased from them and can also include detailed feedback. Anyone can rate an Airsoft Retailer but you may need to add your email address for verification.

Airsoft Events:

Airsoft Events Map allow you to see all the Airsoft Events around the world for a given date range (the default being today + the next 7 days)

Dedicated Country / Region Maps

Airsoft Map of the United States:

The Airbana USA Airsoft Map is dedicated to US Skirmish Sites and US Airsoft Retailers. The US Airsoft Events Map also shows all Airsoft events from around the USA.

Airsoft Map of the United Kingdom:

The Airbana UK Airsoft Map is dedicated to UK Skirmish Sites and UK Airsoft Retailers. The UK Airsoft Events Map also shows all Airsoft events from around England.

World Wide Airsoft Maps

The Airbana World Wide Airsoft Map has Airsoft Maps of every country in the world. If a Country isn't listed it can be enabled immediately and then you can start adding Skirmish Sites, Retailers and Events straight away.

Within days of going live we've had hundreds of new Airsoft locations added from Skirmish sites in Spain, to Airosft Retailers in Switzerland, France all the way to New Zealand and South Africa!

As with all Airbana maps, if you know of an Airsoft site that is missing then feel free to add it and help ensure we have the very latest information about where to Skirmish and where to buy!

Map Key:

Each map point will have a series of small icons near the bottom depicting what features this site has, the type of site it is and more:

Member of UKASGB Site is a UKASGB Member Check here Location Pin Site location on Map
Memeber of Irish Airsoft Association Site is a member of the Irish Airsoft Association Airsoft Association of America Site is a member of the Airsoft Association of America
Member of UKARA Site is a UKARA member. Check here. Pyrotechnics allowed!
(See Marshalls for details)
Battery charging available Retail site or has an on site shop / pick up point
Site is predominantly woodland Site is primarily buildings with open ground
Site is primarily internal / inside Site is Underground or a Bunker
Site is current Armed Forces Property Site is a mixed variety of environments
Repair service available / Drop off Collect point
Some images are derived from under a Creative Commons (Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported) licence.