Airsoft Arms Fair on May 18th

For UK Airsofters don’t forget that the Airsoft Arms fair is on May 18th 2013

AAF is an event for Airsofters & people interested in the sport to view a wide range of products all in one place, after all nothing beats being able to see the item for yourself. At the same time we offer the opportunity for sites & event organisers to tell you about what they have to offer.

You can book for a MilSim or FilmSim game & acquire everything you are missing from your loadout all at the same venue.

We also offer the opportunity for private sellers to retail their second user equipment, excess guns & rare & unusual kit. Make sure to check these guys out as there’s bound to be some incredible bargains.

AAF is an independent event for the Airsoft Community. Hosted just south of Birmingham at The Grange.

All attendees will have their legal defence to purchase RIF’s verified by us prior to the event & will be issued with a colour coded band that lets a retailer or private seller know if they are under 18 / over 18 / over 18 with a legal defence.

This makes the buying / selling experience as straight forward for everyone as possible.

If you are intending to come to the event and have access to a legal defence other than one listed via UKARA please book early with full details of your defence to allow us time to verify it.

We will only be able to verify membership via UKARA on the day.

Tactical Shooting Courses:

PRO-TACT will be running some short courses at May’s Arms Fair. The session will cover:


Click here for a full list of retailers that will be present

Charity Auction:

Loads of stuff is up for grabs at a Charity Auction in aid of The Royal British Legion

Over 5000 Visits a Day

In January we received over 5000 unique visits every day.

Across the UK, US and Worldwide Airsoft maps Airbana receives over 14,000 unique visits a day which isn’t too bad!

If as one of these visitors you feel that there is a feature missing or something that needs tweaking then feel free to let me know by tweeting @Airbana or sending an email to

Airbana now Twitter Card Enabled

If you are following @Airbana on Twitter or if anyone else tweets a link to an Airbana entry about an Airsoft site you’ll now see additional information as part of the tweet.

We’ll soon be adding additional meta information such as contact details, reviews and upcoming events embedded directly in the tweet.

£1000 of Advertising for Retailers and Skirmish Sites

We are continuing with our commitment to assist players in finding Airsoft Skirmish Sites and Retailers from all over the world by offering over £1000 worth of £50 Google advertising vouchers on a first come first served basis to any Retailer or Skirmish site listed on the Airbana Airsoft Map.

Simply email and we’ll send you your voucher and help you make the most of Google Adwords to tell Skirmishers about your site, an upcoming event or any promotions you may be running.

There are no hidden catches or complex terms and conditions Airbana is simply investing in the Airsoft Community to help it grow.

Sites Focus – Interesting Boundaries

One of the features of the Airbana Airsoft Maps is the ability to draw the boundaries of a Skirmish Site and several sites have done just that.

Here’s a quick look at some of the sites that have interesting layouts;

Dragon Valley

Fireball Squadron

Ravens Nest

Tech Brigade

Section 8 Airsoft

Urban Assault

Gunman Airsoft – The Valley

First and Only – Anzio Camp

XSite – The Outpost

UCAP – The Sandpit

There are many many more sites on the map and if your local site doesn’t have the boundaries drawn yet then feel free to update it yourself or send a map / layout diagram to

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