XMLRPC Generator Available

The Airbana XML RPC Generator is now available here. Site operators who don’t want to program an XML formatter for entries in their DB (or don’t have a DB backend) can add upto 4 prices (although the format is quite … Continue reading

Airbana Infrastructure

There have been several queries recently regarding the infrastructure of Airbana and to save people the effort of pulling the browser side code apart I’ve put together this quick post. Hardware All Airbana Servers are running as follows: Intel Core … Continue reading

Version 3 How-To & XMLRPC

With the core features of Version 3 complete the How-To section has been updated to show the new features and usability of Airbana. The first draft of the XMLRPC help has also been published. The API Help and examples is … Continue reading

Airbana Version 3 Preview

Version 3 of Airbana is drawing closer to release (On target for 1st July 2008!) but I thought a quick ‘preview’ of the new design might liven this blog up a bit. As you can see I’m making much better … Continue reading

Attempted Defacement Attack

Since the site went live several months ago it has been subjected to several ‘attacks’ most are the usual assortment of SQL injection worms etc but there have been several manual probes which have consisted of URL manipulation, POST injection … Continue reading