Augmented Reality Meets Airsoft Skirmishing

Armed with my G36c, KWA G18c and an Android phone I tested out my latest project at First and Only’s ‘The Mall’ skirmish site today.

All you need to use this app is an Android or iPhone with a GPRS (or better) connection and for maximum accuracy clear access to GPS signals. And yes, once complete it will be free.

The following screenshots show functionality of the Augmented Reality App with a (low quality) video showing it in action.

Augmented Reality:
These 2 are simulated because I forgot to take these screen shots at the beginning of the day


Map View / Tactical Overview:

Points of Interest List View (With contextual photo):

IFF Transponders Active:
This is simulated as I’m the only one with the app on their phone – in reality any user using the app will appear on this list

A Video of it in action: