Suspended Sites

In previous versions of the Airsoft Map if a site was no longer running it was removed from the ‘live’ database pool. In other words it wouldn’t appear if you searched for it or if you visited one of the Map pages.

If however you navigated to a direct link for the site it would still display all the information. There used to be a rationale for this but I believe that to provide a better service to Skirmishers that if a Site no longer exists there is no reason to display it at all.

From now on any site that has been suspended from the database will return a HTTP 404, which in short means “It’s not here anymore”.

Site details are retained indefinetely so it is possible to resurect a site if it’s closure was only temporary etc. If however it is a totally new site and new management then it should be created from scratch so it doesn’t retain any old reviews etc.