Airsoft in Social Media so far this year

Utilising the power of I’ve taken a look back over the first few months of 2012 to see what people have been saying about Airsoft on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others.

Whilst there is a lot of information available I’ve kept this blog post short and concentrated on a few of the interesting bits I’ve found.

What People Have Been Saying

You could arrive at a variety of conclusions from the image below, there are a few manufacturers mentioned and words like ‘spring’, ‘metal’, ‘pistol’ and ‘rifle’ really stand out. Are people talking about cheap springer pistols or high-end spring rifles?

Most Retweeted Content:

The highest number of retweets came from competitions that were running. Followed closely by a tweet from the guys at Tokyo Marui who were running an Airsoft Safety campaign. Finally a short video from IGN’s Cheap Cool Crazy YouTube shorts where they talk about the new Tokyo Marui Biohazard Samurai Edge S.T.A.R.S 15th Anniversary Limited Edition M92F

Geographic Breakdown

Anyone familar with Airsoft from around the World will probably not be surprised to see how this map has worked out with Airsoft being a hot topic in the US, the UK, Europe and the majority of Asia. I’d like to stress that this map is only generated from anonymised public data with attached GPS co-ordinates.

Top Websites Linked on Twitter

  2. Pyramyd Air
  4. Gizmodo Blog Post on an Airsoft Flamethrower

The next several hundred links appeared to be link spam directing people to cheap springers, two tones etc on

The Most Discussed Airsoft Related Videos

Airsoft GI – Left 4 Dead – Impulse 76 Fan Film

Battlefield 5 Operation Viper Fan Made Live Action

Coming in at #3 is a video from 2009 that is still being passed around;

M134 MINI GUN @ “THE FORT” Scotland

Well that was a quick round up of what has been discussed so far this year on Twitter etc in regards to Airsoft, if you found this post interesting then let me know on Facebook, Twitter or just send me an email;